Melissa Carmichael is a slow fashion brand that has taken a conscious approach - from fabric sourcing, fabric choice, the people behind the clothes, and the impact on the environment.

Being a slow fashion brand Mel believes in quality over quantity. Producing better made clothes that last longer. Encouraging you to buy less and make more informed choices when you do buy such as purchasing ethically and sustainably made clothing and to only purchase what you need!

Mel designs small capsule collections that are made to be worn with the clothes already in your wardrobe... Stylish staples that you can wear and mix and match from season to season.

Mel is committed to doing the best she can to minimise harm to the environment and making sure that the people who are making your clothes are being looked after both ethically and financially.

Mel also loves animals and will never use any leathers or animal skin of any kind or any fabric that may cause harm to an animal.

Being a sustainable brand Mel's wish for you when you purchase a Carmichael is that you love it so much you will wear it until it is so worn that it needs repair and then you can wear it like new and fall in love with it all over again! ❤️🌱

Melissa Carmichael is an Australian Fashion Designer living in Geelong, Victoria. Mel loves the beach, a beer on a hot summer's day and belly laughs with the girls. Oh and champagne. Mel loves champagne! x